Hand Forms



biu jee [biao zhi] (镖指; darting finger/point)

thrusting fingers; the name of the 3rd hand form set


biu sao [biao shou] (镖手; darting arm/hand)

thrusting hands


bong sao [bang shou] (手; wing arm/hand)

wing block


charp jiang [cha shou] (肘; pierce elbow)

piercing elbow (in Biu Jee set)


chi sao [shou] (手; sticking hands)

sticking hands


chung chui (冲; charge punch)

straight punch

chum jiang (sink elbow)

sinking elbow


chum sau2 (手; sinking hand)

sinking hand


cham4 kiu4 (寻桥; search bridge)

seeking the bridge; second set in Wing Chun Kung Fu


daan chi sau2 (手; single sticking arm/hand)

single hand chi sau2


fook sao [fu shou] (手; controlling hand)


gau jeung2 (掌; high palm strike)


gaun sau2 (手; cultivating hand)

down and away lock (to disperse down and away from the body's centerline)


gum sau2 (手; pinning hand)

pinning hand


gwat sau2 (手; cut arm/hand)

shave/cut away hand/arm


gway ma5 choi (kneel stance)

kneeling punch


gway ma5 jin choi (kneel stance arrow punch)

kneeling stance with arrow punch


gwun sao (binding arm)

also referred to as kwun sao


huen sau2 (手; circle hand)

circling hand


dai jeung2 (low palm)

lower palm


jik chung cheui (straight charge punch)

straight thrust punch


jin choi (arrow punch)

arrow punch



to drag downward


jum sau2 (手; downward hand)


jung sam dim jik sin (center 3-point straight line)



kao sau2 (手; attach arm/hand)

detaining hand


kiu sau2 (手; bridge arm)

bridging arm


loi kiu sau2 (手; double bridge arm/hand)

double bridging arms


lan sau2 (手; bar arm/hand)

barring/jamming arm


lin wan choi (continuous chain punch)

continuous linked punching


look sau (rolling arm/hand)

rolling hands/arms during chi sau drill (also known as poon sau)


lop sau2 (手; grab arm/hand)

grabbing hand


lut sau2 (手; release arm/hand)

open distancing hand (sparring)


mun sau2 (手; ask arm/hand)

asking hand--to swing up from below hand/arm


pak sau2 (手; slap hand)

slap block


poon sau2 (手; rolling arm/hands)

rolling hands/arms during chi sau drill (also known as look sau)


san sau2 (手; separate arm/hand)

independent/free/separate hands


siu nim tao (little thinking way)

little ideas; the first set of Wing Chun Kung Fu


taan1 sau2 (手; open-out arm/hand)

palm-up block


taan1 da2 (摊打; open-out hit)

taan1 sau2 and punch at the same time


tok sau2 (手; lift hand)

lifting hand


wu sao (protect hand)

protecting hand

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