Footwork & Stances



bou6 (步; footwork) stepping footwork


chi geuk3 (脚; sticking leg) sticking leg


chai (; stomp)

to stomp


chor ma5 (; heel)

pivoting or shifting


chui mein jui ying (facing chase posture)

facing and chasing posture


Diu Ma5 (sitting)

ma with one foot/leg empty of weight


dong bou6 (, block step)

swing step


geuk3 (; Leg)



bong2 geuk3 (膀脚; wing leg)

outside leg block


taan1 geuk3 (; open-out leg)

inside leg block


gway ma5 (kneel stance)

knee-down stance


huen bou6 (; circle stance)

circling step, found in Biu Jee form set


jak tek3 (side kick)

side kick


jik tek3 (front kick)

front kick


ma5 (; stance)



tek3 (; kick)


tiu [diu] ma5 (hanging stance)

sitting ma with one foot/leg empty of weight


yee jee kim yeung ma5 (two character pinch goat stance inward)

pinched-knee stance

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