Concepts & General Terms



bai jong (place, post)

on guard stance


bien ging6 (鞭劲; whip, power)

whipping power


chi (sticking)

to stick with  (Another type of "chi" is internal energy.)


chum (sink)

to sink


da2 (打; hit)

hit or attack


dong (block)

to swing/block


jeet (intercept)

to intercept

jeung2 (掌; palm)



lin siu dai da2 (打; continuously neutralize together attack)

to continuously defend and attack simultaneously


liu [liao] (stir)



san sik (separate form)

independent forms


sei3 moon (四; four gates)

four positional areas to attack and defend (upper right, upper left, lower right, lower left)


tai (rise)

to raise or lift


tong (press)

to press off







yat () one

yi6 () two


saam1 () three

sei3 () four


ng () five


luk6 () six


chat1 () seven


baat7 () eight


gau2 () nine


sap6 (十) ten

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