Training Techniques
Typical techniques include:  trapping hands, swift low- to mid-section kicks, close body control, and short but devastatingly powerful pin-point strikes from the hands.

Chi Sau (Sticking Hands):  Chi Sau, also referred to as Sticking Hands, is practiced in a partner system.  Two partners pair up to roll their hands in a relaxed state.  Countering applications from the Wing Chun sets are executed as one partner attacks.  This exercise helps the students develop contact sensitivity, attack and countering techniques, and their internal Chi (flow of energy).  Other styles of martial arts, such as Tai Chi, employ a similar exercise called Push Hands; however, Wing Chun places a strong emphasis on the combat aspects in its Chi Sau excercise.

San Sik (Floor Excercises):  These are large group practices and warm-ups of base techniques which builds body form through repetition.

Basic Tan, Pak, Jum reflex drills:  These develop body form, technique and power through partnering and contact applications.

Mook Yan Jong (Wooden Man Set):  Mook Yan Jong, also referred to as the Wooden Dummy, is a training tool used by Wing Chun practitioners to develop proper distancing and angles.  Many techniques in the Dummy set teach the student to employ body shifting to recover from a losing situation.

Although the use of the wooden dummy as a training tool is not unique to the Wing Chun system, the Wooden Dummy is used more extensively during Wing Chun training than in most other martial art systems.  The wooden dummy represents a training partner and the dummy is designed in such that nearly all Wing Chun techniques can be practiced on it.

Mook Jong training benefits:  Proper Wooden Dummy training reinforces the stance, body shifting, arm placement, footwork, and power delivery.  The dummy is also used to supplement the punching bag for training short range punches, palms, chops and kicks.  The advantage of the Wooden Dummy over the punching bag is that the Wing Chun system's simultaneous attack/defense movements can be practiced on it.  The Wooden Dummy also allows the student the opportunity to use her or his full striking strength, while at the same time toughening their bones, tissues, arms and legs.

Weapons Training:

Baat Jaam Dou (Eight Cutting Knife)

Luk Dim Boon Kwan (6 & -Point Staff)

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