The Lore of Wing Chun
Ch. 8:  The Eighth Year
By John F. DiVirgilio

In Wing Chun, never set your goals to stay within the realm of past achievements.  Always refine and polish your skills as your body and mind will change with time.  Far too many people plan their futures from the highs of their past and only to repeat their past, again and again, never to grow beyond their faded memories of old experiences.

One of the greatest joys on earth is sharing an art form with many others.  Always be a people person.  The rich man may have more but may not appreciate what he has; a poor man may have less but appreciates all he has.  Joy and happiness come from learning, knowing, and sharing.  It is far better to have a wealth of friends and some money than to be wealthy and have few, if any, friends.

Study and understand the five elements of Chi circulation.  Know how Chi circulation flows to and from the organs of the human body.  Take special note of which paths stimulate the organs and which paths numb the organs.

If you teach Wing Chun, teach all the techniques of Wing Chun, not just your preferences.  Your students will no doubt bloom and refine themselves over the years.  Many students will continue the Wing Chun tradition while others will devise new arts.  Variations are expected in the changing world of evolution.  A great majority of Wing Chun variations are personal manifestations and are created by individuals to fit a certain body type and mentality.  These Wing Chun hybrid forms are acceptable (tolerated or even desired) processes of self actualized expressions.

If you change the Wing Chun techniques, then you must also change the name to give the art new meaning.

Be selective in the people you teach.  Teach to propagate the Wing Chun art.  It is best to teach between four and eight students at any one time.  Eventually these students will become teachers of their own students.

The art of being a teacher's teacher is a difficult task.  Make sure that the many teachers under you prevent their own students from changing or jumping around between different teachers.

If you respect someone, you will not accept his/her students without a personal referral.

When you are young, you fight with your heart; when you are older, you need to fight by using your brain.

Know the gates of blood flow within the body.

Tone vibrations from certain notes of music or vocal origin can bring your inner self into harmony with the physical self.  Experience the sound of choice while moving the body.  Later, experience the effect of sound during meditation.  Your mind will let you know which form(s) or type(s) of sound it needs to harmonize the inner well-being.  Lucky are those who are aware of the effects of musical tones and rhythm.  Certain tones work well with certain Wing Chun techniques.

Use the postures "Lifting the Heavens" and "Hands Floating on Water" to begin sensing the flow of Chi in your body.  Breathe evenly and keep your mouth closed so that your tongue is lightly pressed against the roof of your mouth.  The sensation of flow will begin at your finger tips, fingers, and your palms.

Develop your "Phoenix Eye" punch for precision strikes.

In Wing Chun Dim Mak, study the poison strike points around the body.  The most important points in combat are the points on the foot and head.  Know the antidote medicines before you injure somebody or yourself.

Stay close to the techniques found in the Wing Chun hand sets if you intend to teach only close-in self defense.  On the other hand, concentrate on the bridging and sparring techniques if you need to fight other martial artists.  Only five or so techniques, out of the many Wing Chun movements, need to be mastered in either case.

All is well when awareness of the many experiences, great and small, begin to naturally unfold to the students in your class.  A great master does very little, yet so many things blossom as the passing months turn to years, and the years turn to decades.

A great master eventually lets go and allows the next generation to flourish.

A great master's name becomes written in history.  For with the master's name comes identity and legitimacy for the succeeding generations.

Experiences...discovering and self actualizing experiences bring fulfilment to one's life.

Appreciated how the six tones effect your well being.

As the years pass, it is always nice to visit and enjoy a simple Chi Sau practice session with the younger generation of your Kung Fu brother's class.  You can feel the eagerness and enthusiasm in their hearts.  Sometimes you can escape recognition by the youth and really feel light hearted and refreshed.  You must allow yourself to become young again in their presence.

The happiest teachers teach as expert hobbyists.

Copyright 1996, John F. DiVirgilio

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