The Lore of Wing Chun
Ch. 6:  The Sixth Year
By John F. DiVirgilio

Be forewarned of the negative trappings in your quest for self perfection.  As the art becomes increasingly clear with your gained wisdom, you begin to find that your prior practices and interpretations have become inadequate.  There is great danger in over-engineering the practical techniques found at the heart of the Wing Chun system.  Always teach by using the simplest examples and follow proper progression.

Teaching a few quality students is far more rewarding than teaching many mediocre students.

Do not confuse tactics and strategy.  Strategy is the big picture, knowing where and when to fight or run.  Tactics are the actual actions taken in carrying out the strategy.  A person using the correct tactics but in the wrong place may end up dead.  Strategy and tactics are paired concepts that are inseparable.

If your are still seeking great masters to learn from at this level, you have not really looked into a mirror.  However, seeking great masters as friends will allow you to gain wisdom and companionship.

Having the freedom to make choices means you have to actively create your future.  Inactivity will lead to feelings and acts of misery and insecurity.  These negative feelings and acts can cause you to make poor decisions in life.  Feel the happiness in practicing a martial art.  Your art will carry you throughout life's ups and downs.

The ZEN comes to those who practice things on a regular basis each week.  Regular practice in the arts will allow the ZEN to visit you again and again throughout life.  The personal path that is often visited by the ZEN is called the TAO.  Pity those who have felt the ZEN but once or not at all.  They have lost their art and have become irregular in life or have become poisoned by searching for the illusive state of mind found in the ZEN.

Martial arts is a life-long learning process, not a search for the end.  Enjoy the journey of many new experiences for only death is the true end of your earthly experiences.

Teaching is the ultimate skill, and fighting in self defense requires the ultimate in will.

The universal let down for any teacher is when a good student loses interest and quits.  Teach only the most dedicated people.  Do not baby-sit youth under 12 years of age.  Beware of the parents that dump their kids off at your school and leave to play Ma Jong.

In planning for the defense of your town against bandits, train the townspeople first with long-range weapons.  Short range weapons and hand techniques are not as important when there is a limited period of time to train.

Copyright 1996, John F. DiVirgilio

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