History & Lineage

Wong Long Ching




Si-Gung Wong Long is master Robert Yeung's teacher.  Wong Long joined the Yip Man Wing Chun School in 1956 at the age of 18.  Wong Long first came into contact with Wing Chun through Wong Sheung Leung.  After six years of studying under Yip Man, Wong began teaching his own students in Kowloon.  During Wong's first year of teaching, one of his senior students named Shak Chun Wah brought in and introduced Robert Yeung.  Yeung was 24 years old and the same age as Wong Long.  Reflecting back to the time when he first met Robert Yeung, Wong remembers that they became more than teacher-student.  "We became good friends."  Wing Chun Kung Fu is a partner system.  You need practice partners to build and hone your skills.  Robert Yeung was not only a friend but a strong and worthy practice partner.


Today, at the age of 69, Si-Gung Wong Long has three grown sons and lives on Hong Kong Island.  When teaching, he prefers small groups or one-on-one teaching.  Two of his followers, Robert Yeung in Hawaii and Cheung Ping Kwon, a police special forces instructor in Kowloon, actively taught Wing Chun.

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