History & Lineage

Wong Chok



Wong Chok (also spelled Wong Tsok or Wong Chock) was one of Yip Man's early students.  Lean in stature, Wong Chok preferred to use the mobility of his footwork to gain an advantage over his opponents.  After turning the opponent's corner, Wong liked to jam his shin into his opponent's legs, forcing the attacker to retreat.  Wong would then press forward with his counter attack, using his fast shuffling chase steps to pursue and finish off the attacker.


During the 1980 visit by John F. DiVirgilio, one of Master Yeung's teachers in Hawaii, Wong Chok stressed the need to keep the Wing Chun heritage alive.  Wong Chok reviewed the many Wing Chun concepts with John DiVirgilio.  Wong also took the time to introduce John DiVirgilio to several other Wing Chun elders in Hong Kong.


Wong Chok passed away in 1982 while still in his early fifties.  The harsh Hong Kong environment, combined with his love of non-filtered cigarettes and alcohol, brought an early end to the man who helped Master Robert Yeung to develop his versatile Wing Chun footwork.  Wong Chok is survived by his wife and several children who still live in Hong Kong.  To see Wing Chun flourish in Hawaii, United States, and around the world will honor his memory.

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