History & Lineage
Chan Wah Soon

Chan Wah Soon became the next grandmaster of the Fatshan school and continued to teach until his death in 1913.  For thirty six years, Chan Wah Soon taught the Wing Chun art.  Nicknamed Jow Chien Wah ("The Money Changer"), he was already an adult doing business in Fatshan when he started to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu from Dr. Leung Jon.  By the early 1870's, Chan Wah Soon established himself as an excellent fighter and Dr. Leung Jon's best student.

With bigger-than-average physical stature, Chan Wah Soon was a strong fighter.  He preferred the one-foot-forward guard position, with the front foot heel peeled off the ground in his challenge matches.  He was undefeated in all challenges.  As Dr. Leung's successor, Chan Wah Soon taught only selected students and charged a high tuition.

Master Chan Wah Soon taught only sixteen disciples in his lifetime.  His best and senior student was Ng Chung So.  Master Chan's own son, Chan Yu Min, was a late bloomer.  Chan Yu Min did not care for the hand-to-hand combat of the Wing Chun system until later in life.  Despite his youthful recklessness, the young Chan Yu Min did find a special interest in the Wing Chun Long Staff techniques.  He was very gifted and excelled in staff fighting.  Chan Yu Min became the undisputed "King of the Pole of Seven Provinces".  He defeated all challengers in his own province and all neighboring provinces.  Luckily, Chan Yu Min's wife completed his Wing Chun Art under the elder Chan Wah Soon.  She later passed on the Wing Chun hand art to her husband, Chan Yu Min, thus completing his Wing Chun art.

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